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CCE00000.jpgWelcome to the Home Page for the all new International Catholic Television Network. You can view TV programs of Sister Sue Jenkins who produces and hosts the international Angel Award winning television series: Born Anew on this site.

Our Mission
With your help, our goal is to build an all new international Catholic television network.  This will help us to especially reach vast numbers of Catholics world wide with the Saving knowledge of Jesus Christ as well as the awesome Baptism of the Holy Spirit.
For the first time on an international television network, the viewer will be able to see Catholics who are Born Again, Baptized with the Holy Spirit, and on fire for Almighty God. Press the FAQs (Frequently asked questions) & Forums button (FAQ's) to better understand "Being Saved", "Baptism of the Holy Spirit", etc.

An Open Letter
I am writing to introduce you to someone who is truly a very, very specialindividual. She is a indeed an anointed "Born Again" and "Holy Spirit Filled"Roman Catholic lady. 

I believe that you would want to know about her and her unusualbut, much needed, and unique ministry. 

Her name is Sister Sue Jenkins. Sister Sue is also a consecrated Catholic(nun) Sister, who is located in Indianapolis, Indiana, U.S.A.Her ministry the Kingdom of God Broadcasting Network, whichSister Sue says is her assignment from Almighty God, is to constructand operate an all new international Evangelical Catholic Television network. 

The main purpose of her new Catholic television network is to turnpeople’s hearts to the Lord by the millions. To have Catholics whoknow how to evangelize reach out to help evangelize more Catholics(and other people) for the Lord. 

Once, a person is truly evangelized and encounters the One True and Every Living God, "as on the Day of Pentecost" they will indeed beequipped to evangelize more Catholics and others for Jesus Christ. 

Sister Sue, has been working for several years to acquire a tremendousopportunity to own six (6) commercial FCC television licenses/permitsbuild new over-the-air television stations (from our U.S.A. government).This will help her to reach out and evangelize well over a million of people in Indianapolis, alone! 

Then Sister plans to take her television network to a national and theninternational audiences to continue to evangelize Catholics (especially)with the "saving" and "empowering" message of our precious Lord and SaviorJesus Christ. 

Several years ago, the National Association of Broadcasters chose twenty(20) broadcasters from a national list of thousands of broadcast professionals,whom they believe could be extremely successful in the broadcast industry. 

From thousands of broadcasters (nationally), Sister Sue Jenkins, was chosen as oneof those twenty (20) broadcasters most likely to excel in the broadcastindustry (by the National Association of Broadcasters). 

What Sister Sue immediately needs and the reason I am writing you, isto request that you to assist Sister financially in the building of thesewonderful new Catholic television stations. 

What Sister Sue has to offer is a tremendous opportunity to reach out andevangelize millions of Catholics here at home, as well as internationally.This new television network will give many more Catholics the tremendousopportunity to minister via television broadcasting, they have not had before. 

We thank the Lord for EWTN. But, EWTN is not able to place all Catholics on the air, who have anointed TV programs to broadcast. 

Most of all, this new international Catholic Television Network willbe (we believe) a great opportunity (for Catholics) in helping to fulfill that"Great Commission" of our precious Lord and Savior, Jesus theChrist, to help turn people’s heart to God by the millions. 

Sister Sue, immediately needs one million (American) dollars to place her firstand main TV station (in Indianapolis, Indiana, U.S.A.) on the air withanointed Catholic Television Programs, 24/7. 

After the first Television Station is up and broadcasting, then she plans to build (and bring on the air) each one of her other new EvangelicalCatholic Television Stations on the air and start broadcasting, all dayevery day, 24/7. 

Since, Sister Sue's all new Christian television network is not owned, operated, norfinanced by the Catholic Church, she needs many who will partner with her tohelp financially support this tremendous work of the Lord, which is this all newinternational evangelical Catholic Television Network. 

Also, please pray to know what other way(s) you could assist in helping thisawesome new work of Jesus, and contact Sister Sue Jenkins and let her know. 

Sister Sue's contact information: 
Sister Sue Jenkins,
P. O. Box 40002,Indianapolis, IN, 46240 U.S.A.
(317) 926-3000 message ctr.
(317) 920-1000 direct line 

Remembering you in prayer,
Kitty Jenkins

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