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It is by the awesome and tremendous grace of Almighty God that the Kingdom of God Broadcasting Network of Indianapolis, Indiana has just finished the construction of an all new international Catholic Television Network.
Highly anointed television programs, by "on air" Catholics who proclaim the awesome plan of Salvation of our precious Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, these give the wonderful news concerning the mighty "Baptism Of The Holy Spirit".  Viewing these anointed TV programs are many people who say the their lives have been transformed.

The Kingdom Of God Broadcasting Network, has now placed on its Web Site these TV programs which can now be seen world wide by millions of people.

Led of the Blessed Holy Spirit, heading the Kingdom Of God Broadcasting Network is Sister Sue Jenkins, S.F.C.C., a Catholic Charismatic Sister, who produces and hosts the Angel Award - winning Christian TV series "Born Anew".  Sister Sue is a frequent guest on various national TV programs, as well as a national conference speaker.

From Idiegogo:
20130711120256-scan0011A.jpgCatholic Nun Has Super-Natural Encounter with Almighty God!

Location: Indianapolis, Indiana, United States

Gender: Female

A Charismatic Catholic Priest prayed for me to receive the "Baptism of the Holy Spirit". Later, in a vision, I received a "super-natural" encounter, with my precious Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! I awaken to an open vision, where I saw the Jesus smiling at me and showing me trememdous love, approval and forgiveness. I felt a strong super-natural pull from Jesus, Him drawing me to Himself and a life to be set apart, for Him Today, I am building an all new international Catholic Evangelical TV network (for english, spanish speaking, etc.). 

Please see other information concerning this trememdous new TV network and some of the programs I produce and host on "Born Anew", our TV Series, on these indiegogo pages. I need money to get our (6) TV stations on the air, & broadcasting. 

Please make a generous donation, and tell others about me.